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How you can contribute

Energy-saving fun house

Sustainability is about people; how we work, play and interact with our environment.

Everyone can contribute to building a sustainable society.

You too can be involved by developing habits that reduce, reuse or recycle.

Start by thinking about your family's use of water, electricity and other natural resources.

What can you add to these lists?

We can reduce our use of water by:

  • turning taps off so they don't drip
  • reducing the length of showers
  • using the half-flush where possible on dual-flush toilets
  • mulching our gardens
  • using timers on garden watering systems
  • covering swimming pools.

Learn more about saving water.

We can reduce our use of electricity by:

  • turning lights off when they are not in use
  • turning off computers and televisions when they are not in use
  • closing the doors of rooms where heaters are on to keep the heat in
  • on sunny winter days, pull back curtains and let the sun in to save on electric or gas heating
  • using rechargeable batteries instead of ordinary batteries that may leak toxic metals when thrown away
  • use the oven light to check on food in the oven rather than opening the door
  • use dividers and steamers to cook vegetables in the same pot
  • insulate ceilings, walls, windows and under timber floors.

We can reuse:

  • greywater in the garden
  • plastic bags.

We can recycle:

  • newspapers as mulch on the garden
  • paper, cans and glass
  • foodscraps as compost for the garden.

Last updated: Thursday, 11 June 2009
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© Copyright 2003 – 2014, ActewAGL Retail. ABN 46 221 314841